Improving agri-food co-operatives’ capacity by speeding up the development and uptake of future skills-based on digital innovations.

Online training platform

The #LEADFARM 5.0 online training platform

The project in a nutshell
The #LEADFARM5.0 project aims at analyzing the emerging employment opportunities offered by the digital innovations for a Society 5.0 and subsequently identifying the key skills needed by agri-food co-operatives and young farmers. The project will provide a training curricula to guide all the involved stakeholders in their digital transformation.

Societal context
As Society 5.0 is introduced to tackle societal problems through the integration of digital components such as Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, in many sectors of society, the agri-food co-operatives sector runs the risk of being left behind in this process of digitalization. #LEADFARM5.0 designs and implements an innovative online training program that can support the agri-food co-operatives in the process of digital transformation.

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